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DB is a winner!

We were given a Sleepy Tot bunny when my daughter was born.  Lovingly known as "DB" (Dummy Bunny) he was the only thing she ever wanted.  She is now nearly 4 and DB has a life of his own.  He goes missing from time to time, only to turn up in the washing machine (he thought he was dirty, so jumped in there himself.), I stopped worrying about him going missing, knowing he would turn up somewhere.  It's a big job being a little girls best friend, and sometimes you need time out :) Although, this time, he went missing and hasn't shown up. We've all become very worried.  Although, now I've heard that DB went on holidays as is returning to us by plane! (we had to buy a new one)

These little comforters are so beautiful and so well made, they can survive pretty much anything, and now it's the only comforter I recommend to friends.

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