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This works! ... having just bought another 3 bunny's ... Thank you thank you!

This works! Hi. I don't normally do feedback on stuff I buy, however having just bought another 3 bunny's I felt I should! We love the bunny, he is fantastic to attach dummies to. He goes in the dog's water bowl and then the washer and the dryer so can be very quickly refreshed! My 13month old did not pay any attention to the lovely soft other toys he was bought, or the noonoo blankie, or anything that was supposed to comfort him and then I found bunny on line and we haven't looked back. He loves his bunny so much, with or without dummies. In fact when bunny was in the dryer he was teething loads so had the dummy in, but then grabbed bunny from the dryer just to hug and! I think it is great he has a transitional object so he gains independence.
Thank you, thank you!

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