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Whoever came up with the idea for a Sleepytot is a genius! ... Claire Adair

"Whoever came up with the idea for a Sleepytot is a genius! I have to say it is a must for any baby who uses a dummy. My son always slept right through the night but quite often woke a little just looking for his dummy during the night. This wasn't a problem when he was in the Moses basket beside our bed but was more of an issue when he moved into his own nursery. Within a week or so of using the Sleepytot (at about 5 months) he had got used to the dummy remaining right where it fell out of his mouth and he moved his head round to get it back in his mouth. A month or so later he was able to search with his hands which paw the dummy was on. He is almost 1 year now and still loves it and I have never since had to go in during the night to give him his dummy. The only downside (if I can even call it that) is that the Velcro eventually wears out on all 4 paws (after about 6 months with us), but I have just ordered a second one. I would definitely recommend this as a must have for any dummy user! Brilliant.
Claire Adair"

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