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Sleepytot Comforter Big Bunny Cream $29.95

Sleepytot Baby Comforter has little velcro paws that hold things like dummies and teethers to comfort and soothe your baby. He can hang onto cot bars, so he can comfort baby safely and soundly, right from birth! He’s a perfect pillow for little heads on hard surfaces like changing tables and supermarket trolleys! He can hold dummies which helps everyone sleep because they don’t get lost at night anymore! He can grab onto baby’s car seat or buggy strap when you’re out and about so he never gets lost! He makes it easier for babies and toddlers to give up their dummies! Even toddlers love him because there are so many ways to play with his paws. Simply open the paws and attach a soother or teether and close the paws again! Fully machine washable at 30 degrees. Approx size: w22cm by h25cm Colour: Cream.

Sleepytot Comforter Big Cream

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